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Projector Simulator Pro

Projection design in Unity.

Projector Simulator Pro is a projection design tool that allows designers to create their own projection systems in the Unity game engine.

Intended to assist in the design of real-world projection systems, Projector Simulator Pro adds many features to the Unity engine that are essential to any projection design engineer:

    - Create custom Projector definitions, with multiple lenses

        - Define chassis size, lens characteristics, and metadata

    - Simulate non-native video signals or pixel shifting

    - Analyse expected resolution/luminance with heatmaps

    - Render eyepoint view to equirectangular image format

    - Procedural screen geometry (Flat/Cylinder/Cone/Dome/CAVE) or use a 3d model

    - Project custom images or live RenderTextures

    - Support for folding light paths with mirrors (currently limited to 1 per projector)

    - Support for fisheye lenses (up to 178 x 178 degrees)

    - Simulate warping to screen geometry with the new Projection Mapping feature (see 1.2 update video)

    - Simulate head tracking in a CAVE with the new VirtualCAVE feature

    - Test 3rd-party projection tools without physical projectors - see how we did it with Vioso AnyBlend

Cable routing and report generation coming soon.

Watch the introduction video

Watch the 1.2 update video

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