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Unity | C# | C++ | VR | PC

VABWVRPOC (Voice-Activated Boy Wizard Virtual Reality Proof of Concept) is a fun experiment I had sitting in the background, working on it on and off (mostly off) over ~7 years. It got to the stage where the graphics and voice recognition code were so outdated that if I wanted to do it properly I'd have to start from scratch again, so I made the decision to release what I had as a proof-of-concept.

As much as I'd like to, I probably won't start from scratch because of other projects, and also because there's no point in making a HP game that's going to get a cease-and-desist. Maybe one day I'll contact the author of Barry Trotter to see if I can use his universe.

Play VABWVRPOC here!

Also works on PC without a VR headset.

Unity | C# | VR

Butt Putt is a pioneering VR crazy golf simulator based off of a reddit /r/CrazyIdeas post. I don't recommend you play it for the sake of your sanity, but you can download it here if you really want (Vive-only).

Unity |C# | mobile

Prod! It was available on the Google Play store, but was removed due to changes in advertising rules. I haven't re-submitted it due to lack of interest when it was up.

Unity | C# | mobile

Bye-bye Fishie was my first ever solo game released into the wild. Play as a fish who has been flushed down a toilet and dodge the incoming obstacles in an increasingly frantic sewer system. It was removed from the Play store due to changes in advertising rules, and I haven't resubmitted it due to lack of interest when it was live.